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  • I agree with baby lives matter but we have to respect human life first if we don't respect human life so go the babies, man, and women.

  • Cont: Existing case law: If someone stabs or shoots a pregnant woman in the adomin and kills her and the baby, that person has been convicted of a double First Degree Homicide, many times. 

    Also: The baby is NOT a part of the womans body. The Plasenta separates the baby from the mother. The mother is just a carrier. The baby can live on artificial life support if the mother dies.

    The baby has Constitutional Rights from the day of conception.


    • You are entirely wrong. As an attorney I can tell you that nobody has been convicted of First Degree Murder in causing the death of a fetus. In California for example that crime can only be charged as voluntary manslaughter. I understand your "personhood" position but that position has not been adopted by law in any jurisdiction in this country. You and I believe that the baby should have constitutional rights from the day of conception, but if that were true under the law in this country we would not still be struggling with Roe v Wade and its progeny. It's always best if one refrains from mistaking one's opinions and convictions for fact.

    • I think Spencer was attempting to state that a Baby has constitutional rights that are unrecognized by the legal profession of today... That, the courts and many in the legal profession deny an unborn Child those rights... using a legal construct to define a Baby as a non-human...  a fetus, which is not a sentient being entitled to protections under the law.  This issue is just one of the many new legal constructs being used to attack religion in the law and to apply the force of law to political correctness and the cancel culture wars.

      What is most troubling is that for millennia the legal profession more or less recognized a Baby in a mother's womb as a sentient being... a human life.  It is the Athiest and Marxist cultural revolution that seeks to remove the historic protections given to the unborn that has inflicted its cruel and evil will upon a nation which at one time found abortion to be criminal in every state of the Union... and would have never advanced the legal argument that the mother's right to terminate that life in her was a right protected by the US Constitution.  amazing how far we have come... how disingenuously we treat our Constitution, heritage, and the precedent established by historical practice and law.

    • Agreed and we must purge out the Lawyers and Judges who don't agree... these pettifoggers are destroying our culture and the Nation with it.

    • Amen to that, Ronald! We need the judiciary totally on Trump's side, no questions asked. The judiciary is one of Trump's major stumbling blocks and infused by the Deep State. Trump needs to take charge of executing and enforcing the law of the land to follow his constitutional duties.

    • Pres. Trump needs to take a page out of Lincolns White House... regarding the issue of Presidential Warrants and the exercise of his personal power to enforce the laws... without deference to the DOJ, FBI, and other law enforcement agents and agencies of the government  All enforcement powers granted to the Executive Branch derive from the PRESIDENTS personal powers to TAKE CARE that the Law be faithfully executed... Article 2, Section 3 of the US Constitution. 

      The President may not be restricted in his Constitutional duty or POWER to execute the laws as he sees fit ... Congress, the Executive Branch and it's agents of justice and law enforcement may not take it under their power to limit or redefine his Constitutional power to execute the law... not without first AMENDING THE CONSTITUTION to permit such actions. They, in fact, derive all their powers from assignment by the President and he may simply remove their authority.... to execute the law.  As there is no Constitutional mandate that there be an AG, FBI or DOJ, etc.

    • P/S Congress's creation of the DOJ or its authorization of the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies may not impinge upon the Constitutional power of the President to execute the laws of the United States as he sees fit... he may commission or otherwise authorize any number of actions necessary to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.  The other executive law enforcement agencies may not usurp or restrain the President in his duty to execute the law.

  • The rabid radical left presented with an example of, "hoist by their own petard".

  • Even my "DAUG'S life matters!!

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