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  • The covert RINOs are surfacing from the pits. 

  • The Deep State  is full of RINO's. 

  • Most of the politicians, carrier gabinet members and judges, are bought out by the dark entities therefore, they have to work in a disguise manner for the benefit of their buyers, or else.

  • Disgusting

  • "Benedict"Barr & "Judas" Roberts.... what a team of traitors

  • I knew Barr was a phoney. Trump should have dumped him. 

  • Deep state

  • We can trust Donald Trump.  He was never a politician and spoke the truth and followed through on his promises.  He was the best president we have ever had in my lifetime and I am 85 years old.

  • There was cheating and Barr needs to privately investigate it. NOW! Oh never mind I'll do it.

    I did not need 90 days. THERE WAS MASSIVE VOTER FRUAD! YA NITWIT.

  • Who can we trust??

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