• Trump is still the President of the United States and the other idiot is only a fake president voted in by the fake media,high tech companies and the few socialists who control the voting system 

  • Run that answer on a loop. 

  • The White House Press is not only giving her a pass... they are helping her look more competent than she obviously is ... they are throwing softballs at her and often aiding her response with follow-ups that support or moderate her misstatements.  Proving... that stupid is as stupid does... one stupid journalist, questioning another leads to delusional reporting... not just fake news.

  • Not former. Trump is still President.

    • YES HE IS!  He is my President along with millions of others!


  • I'll answer it for them. They don't care because they ust overthrew us.

  • Trump is my President.    Biden is a piss ant

  • Correction. TRUMP is still our President. 

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