Currently, mass gatherings at venues like arenas are prohibited as part of Cooper's executive order because of the potential spread of the novel coronavirus. read more here:

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  • Since I live in a state of NY and the great Govenor Cuomo changes the goal post every week, we are still shut down hopefully next weekend but --- As to modifation this lovely Governor is looking for many things fame, publicity, government money (he has bankrupted the state no amout of revenue will help this billion dollor lover), and Vote by mail edict.  Our carring Governor was one who sent Virus patients to nursing homes to up the death count.  (Note NH don't only have senior citizens many people are middle aged for they are also rehab centers for mental compromised people) I know I work in a NH.  In Cuomo's daily update he is total uncaring about it or any hardships of people in lockdown like sucidal and deeply depresed people. Cuomo is also saying Trump made him do it move patients into NH  

    Another example of pure evil with power.  Remove all evil people from power and let them run on their own fumes not ours.

  • Holding the GOP convention in a state with a Democrat Governor is inviting disaster... Democrats can not be trusted with hosting a GOP event with this election being so critical to the nation the GOP needs to hold it in a solid GOP State.. like Texas or Oklahoma.


    • like I said before welcome to the new America This is just the beginning of chaos. Wait when the Democrat will take over it's going to get ugly as the days go by.

  • Move the Convention and do it now... make sure that the People of NC know why...

  • Don't hold the the republican convention in any state with a communist demoncrat governor!!

  • These governors will do anything to destroy the economy of their states and blame Trump for it! Move the Convention to a Red State!!!

    • I agree with both of you.   BUT, the blue states are the ones who need to hear him MOST.  The red states are practically a "given".   I'm so disappointed KS turned blue in the last election, but I'm praying and praying it will turn around before the next one.  I pray the idiots who voted for Kelly will see their stupidity...

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