An ARmy of digital soldiers IRregular warfare at its finest ...

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  • Dear President Trump! I thank God every day for Him Putting His hand on you, I am putting you in the place you are. He prepared you and chose you for such a time as this. In my family, we have President Trump supporters and many states, as there are many of us. In my family, we have President Trump supporters and many states, as there are many of us. We keep in touch through the Internet, and as far as I know I am the only one connected with the Tea Party! But we all are voting for you for reelection. May I say, we pray for your safety every day and for you to have wisdom that only comes from God. Supernatural wisdom. We think the first lady is beautiful and lovely and a credit to our country. And we pray that you will love her beyond anything she could have ever dreamed of, And that you will have eyes only for her. , And that you will have eyes only for her. Speaking only for myself, I hope your son Barron is going through this terrible time with strength and faith. This must be horrible for him to see how his father is treated by people who should be being thankful rather than hateful! I am saying prayers for Barron!!

    God bless you Mr. President and keep you safe! 

    • I am 100% behind you Jc4ou.

    • Thanks!

  • Wow Thanks everyone great info 

  • This is great.  I had heard he said this.  It also helps set up the narrative that we are indeed fighting a war against evil.  It also set the narrative that it is best fought military using militay logic that is why Flynn is so much in the center of it.  We are in a Civil war for the future of our country.  The war will not be fought with politics it will be fought with the logic of military manuvers (sp).  My brother and I use to have games where we had to anticipate what the enemy was going to do next and what you planned to do in answer.  That is how Trump works.  I am proud to be a digital warrior and being a Keyboard Warror.  Thanks for posting this. The may of destroyed and inviltrated most government offices and functions but a pure miliary that stands for the Untied States of America is still very much in place. In defence of America its constitution and the Bill or Rights.  I'm glad I can be part of it.  And to think it all started with the Tea Party.

    • yes, we are in a war and we need to be alert on what happening in our lives and the nation to.

  • Look for the internet to become seriously censored as the election cycle draws nearer to election day... the left will do everything it can to bar Trump supporters access to the internet.  I have already noted serious efforts to censor my posts without any rational reason... other than the site administrators did not like my politics.

    • Yes everyday I feel like I'm living in the Matrix more and more.  

      Yes we are going to have to learn how to communicate using codes and what Q calls Meme I don't know what that is other than pictures that are like cartoons see definition

      a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users

      They are trying to find software that can read these pictures but haven't yet. You might want to keep that in mind

    • isn't that something I feel we as an American should feel the same way as you do Joan.

    • Here is a definition of a MEME... personally I believe it is the ultimate satire ... that uses modern digital means to take the next step beyond political and cultural cartoons... They take on the next step in expression using multimedia digital technology.

      For More on Memes see:

      what is a meme /definition - Bing video
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