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  • The U.N.. is nothing but an international den of social engineering cleptocratic bureaucrats 

    They need a Bengahzi  pulled on them!

  • We need to remain in the UN ... to veto many of the radical attempts by the UN to bring about one-world socialist government.   We can not stop the UN by leaving it. However, by remaining we can influence it and stop all the radical policy and movement it fosters. 

    • Looking around the world, epecially Europe, it doesn't seem to be working. The European nations do not have a problem with the American taxpayer paying the bills all over the world. The leftist in America, obama, clintons, schiff, nadless, schuer. pelosi keep selling us out. Start indicting them, and things will change. No one has the bawls to stand up to them. Revelations 13:4, And they worshipped the dragon who gave power unto the beast, saying, Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?

    • Could China be the Dragon and the UN the Beast... of Revelation 13:4?

  • Keep in mind, all these useless organizations have been nothing more than money laundering schemes for the left in America. Just like pelosi's 3 trillion dollar donation to the democrat party's marxist agenda. Further proving that marxism, communism, socialism does NOT work without everyone else's money.


  • Now, on to removing the anti-America u.n., then the anti-American communist a.c.l.u., that serve only leftist ideals and agendas. They have no business being in America, along with the numerous organizations that game the American welfare system for illegals, and a.c.o.r.n. doesn't have any useful purpose, time to do away with those nuts.

  • Less drivel from the UN, yah!

  • The first step torwards ending our membership in the communist un !!!!


  • Thank you President Trump for having the awareness and will power to get us out of another useless, marxist, globalist , money sucking scam.  The WHO, like the UN and other organizations have bleed the US for decades with little or no positive results.  Most of the time they vote against our interests, safety and well being.  Thank you for having the insight, understanding and strength to get us out of this 3rd world scam.  Keep on doing it........lots of useless scams that rob the US of billions . In these times, we must CLEAN HOUSE, AND BALANCE OUR NEEDS FIRST.  

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