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  • Another example of a complete ASSHOLE!!!!

  • Trump is a fighter and a winner. The governor is weak and a loser. That's why they fight him but we know that Trump is right and we have turned the corner on the china virus. No need for these stupid masks and social distancing. How many cases came from the rallies supporting our President? Not many and nobody died. We have turned the corner. Trump will stay in office and will keep America at least as great as he has made it so far. I suspect he will make it even greater: an even better economy, continuing record highs of the stock market, even lower budget deficits, paying off more of the debt just like he promised, etc. Trump 2020!!!

    • that's why I like him he is a fighter

  • Well, it is time to shut all these demonstration protests down. Since the President cant have a rally. Now that is absurd ! Two standards here. Demonstrations and rioting when we have a pandemic?  OK. we are all OK.

  • Thia is so typical of the Democrat Party of today. They want to RULE, not govern and represent the people. They are so far to the left that we all need to recognise them for what they have turned into. COMMUNISTS.

    • Yes!

    • Since the demoncrat party is now hard core communist, they must be voted out of every office in order to save America!!

  • It isn't enough to defy the governor and AG... they need to be arrested for denying the public their Civil Right to assembly is a felony.

    • Yes!

    • I hope someone brings a lawsuit against the governor and Atty. Gen for denying the public of their Civil Rights to peaceful assembly!!

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