• Do you really have to ask why the entire establishment is against Trump both here and abroad ?

  • Very appropriate call.

  • He is correct!!!

  • How true is the President no wonder that hate him,because he hates those people getting rich with our tax money

    • Trump is indeed fighting people who are getting rich with our tax money. At the same time, this selfless public servant does not even take a salary for being president, although he loses billions by serving his country and by not working in his very successful businesses. We are so blessed to have such a great business man in the White House, who puts order to the country and its finances. That's why we along with the large majority of Americans are voting for and supporting him no matter what. 

  • Ii noticed that, during the Obama admins, they only seemed to hire or appoint known crooks or people we mighty consider our worst enemies. The Democrat Party, itself, would appear to be a 'crime family', somewhat akin to the Mafia. Just sayin...

  • Joe Biden giving American money away to forign countries and taking his cut through his son and who knows who else he's got in his imbezzlement ring.

  • They're just a small part of it too!

  • Of course, Biden is an organized crime family. That's why he keeps his records concealed and that's why he prefers to surround himself with family members. That's what crime families like the Bidens do. All Americans can see that if they just pay a little attention. They are turning against Biden big time, and the large majority of Americans supports Trump and his drive to drain the swamp. 

  • And as usual, President Trump is 100% correct.  The Biden's rival the Clintons when it comes to criminal activities. 

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