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    • Don't give the jackasses any ideas.  They will act on that.


  • Not one dime over the $900 BILLION.

    Take money from some of the circus components to pay for the increase..

    In fact, the stimulus, TRUE STIMULUS items should be put forth as a stand alone bill and let the ridiculous stuff be put forth line by line each in its own bill to stand on its merit.

    • I call my bank to see how can I stop the $600 coming to my account? she told me to go to to see when the check will arrive and when I do I will not have them deposit this check into my account.

  • This bill is garbage and should be thrown out.  They didn't even spend the first stimulus and now they want another?  We cannot afford this kind of fiscal bullstuff.  Go after these blue state governments and tell either to open up, or get locked up.  They serve at the voters pleasure, not the other way around.

  • This is America it is not a 3 world country congress and Senate should help the American people before they do anything else.

  • I was listening to the president's speech concerning the stimulus bill and the covid19 check for $600 is congress out of their mind? None of that is helping the American people it make the matter worse my question is the Senate and congress are living on another planet? it seems they don't care about the American people at all what's wrong with this picture? and they voted for a guy who doesn't give a damn about the American people's excuse for my language this makes me upset.

  • Trump Should Veto this bill.. look at it this way we the people of the United States of America. have suffered and I for one can suffer more to prove a point.. Never was a democrat nor agreed with the Democrats ever since i was old enought to vote and serve this country in the USAF, I would rather just take care of our own  not foreign countries .. let them handle their own affairs. If people of these countries want to change their lives for a better life and freedoms let them start and fight their own goverments.. After all We the people here fought for our own freedoms because all men are created equal that is why we started a revolution against England and we won .. Let them resovle their own issues. don't fund them or give them  moneies.. 

    • It sounds like he is going to according to the way the news was bashing President Trump this morning. (IT IS HIS FAULT). But we know WHO. the are called Democrats and RHINOS and the remaining boughten ones.

    • Donald Trump sends it back to congress.

    • Well, Bruce... you are correct on so many points... but one stands out... our forefathers had to FIGHT for their liberty and this Nation's heritage... It appears we may be called on to do it again, as our government has morphed into a Marxist state, and our nation as we knew it is rapidly becoming a third world banana republic.

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