Otherwise, Republicans will not win any more elections in decades to come. This subject should not even be up for discussion. Unfortunately, Democrats have made it necessary due to irrefutable evidence of their untrustworthiness. They are now blatantly advocating legislation that would unequivably maximize the opportunity for fraud. It does not take the mind of a genious to know that. Their blatant haboring and codling of illegal immigrants who violated our immigration law, while immigrants who have been in our legal system 10 or more years still await their turn to complete the proccess and come here; is inexcusable, indefensible, and tottally unacceptable. It is irrefutable evidence they are willing to committ any unscrupolous act to achieve dominant political power. The following excerpt from my letter published in the the Miami FL, Herald and Lake City, FL Reporter newspapers, debunks the legitimacy of every ludicrous voter related legislative action they're advocating: "The most consequential thing citizens do is vote. Because it ultimately determines whether we enjoy optimum levels of security, safety, and quality of life. I and other military members sacrificed years of family separation; dangers and hardships of war; and placed our lives at risk defending the right, obligation, and freedom to vote. Millions made the ultimate sacrifice. Those sacrifices leave no legitimate excuse for citizens not to “sacrifice” one day every two years to vote in person. They also trump ludicrous claims that requiring voter ID and in-person voting equates to suppressing and disenfranchising voters.  Absentee and mail-in votes should only be those requested due to inability to vote in person. Disabled citizens who can go or have someone take them to vote, should make that “sacrifice”. Claiming widespread fraud does not exist, implies  admission it exist but negligible, and therefore not concerning. Any fraud is unacceptable".

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