• "Does our entire school system need dismantled and rebuilt? With this kind of indoctrination in the schools, the kids don't stand a chance, do they?" Please proof-read your lead-ins! It should read "Does our entire school system need TO BE dismantled and rebuilt? With this kind of indoctrination in the schools, the kids don't stand a chance, do they? Your crediability suffers when these grade-school level mistakes end up as published material!

  • It is time to home school our kids.  Each home school child should get the same amount of money they spend for any school kid. 

  • iT  seems   that   each  class room  must  be  screened  to  ensure    our  kids  are  being  taught      or  what  they  are  being  taught.   The  idea  that  these   far  left   "teachers"   have   their  own  sexual  agenda... 

  • God is not mocked.  He gave us two genders, and two genders only.  Satan has his thumb in everything.  I know where her heart is.  Her job is to teach facts in a subject area.  Tell the child to gain her mother's response, not vthe teacher's response.  That is the parent's job.  I do not care what this "teacher" thinks nor advises. She will answer for this and she will not have to wait long.

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      But how can we speed up the process? 

  • Why is that all liberals have a certain look that tells you immediately who and what they are??

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      Because they are demon possessed! 😈

    • Yep satan is working hard on the brain dead.

  • Our Present-Day Public Educational System is Totally Broken!!!!!  it is being Controlled by the Federal Department of "Education" , Our Fraudulent Governmental Influence and the Union!!!  Our Public Educational System Must Be Controlled at the State Level!!!!  The Corrupt Federal Department of "Education" Must Be Eliminated!!!!!  Our Children Must be Taught Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, Civils, History and subjects of Proper Learning!!!!  The Present Educational Process is Not Unlike that of Germany leading Up to WWII!!!  The Nazi's focused on Indoctrinating the Young into the Third Reich!!!!  “Critical Race Theory” ,“Common Core” and Transgender Teaching Have NO Place Within Our Educational System!!!! However, to Fix this, as-well-as, all other Atrocities Brought on By the New Fraudulent and Corrupted Regime in Washington, DCeivers is to Replace Them Either by Overturning the 2020 Skillfully Corrupted and Fraudulent Election and by Making All Future City, State and Federal Elections Honest and Free From Any Kind of Corruption!!!!  Our Right to Vote Must Be Very Well protected and Cherished!!!! 


    Good Morning I'm your daughters 3rd grade school teacher,

                               😱 WELCOME CHILDREN 😱

    Pride Is in Need of a Fresh Start—and Portland's Most Famous Drag Clown  Knows How to Make That Happen

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