• In VA our  Gov Black face ordered that showing an ID before this election was no longer required! I had to do an emergency ballet as I was called out of state on Nov.2 I had to give my drivers licanse to make sure I was a registered voter. If I had been able to go and vote on Nov. 3rd I would did not need to do this for some strange reason.

     At 6:30pm on The third Fox news called the election in VA for Biden and Harris. I checked the election number for our comminwellth. Trump was ahead by over 30,000 votes and Dr. Gade was ahead of Warner by 7,000 votes. with 98% of the vote counted. At 5:30 am on the 4th The state was still called for Biden. With only 2% of the vote left to count how did Biden win the election in VA unless it was stolen?

    • exactly we want awnsers.

  • Was anyone on this blog in the meeting? we don't know what it was about or even it was about the election! Could have been a smoke screen for some 3rd world issue. 

    All I can say is: "Hurry up and wait" 

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    • Whoopie could suck start a Kenworth

  • If Pres. Trump is NOT re-elected and the obvious fraud(s) are allowed to stand, then Bite-Me will NEVER be my/our POTUS!!  The end of the American Republic "experiment" will have failed.  VERY depressing and, indeed, VERY sad!!

    • God is not going to let This Nation Under God be stolen by powers of darkness. We have destiny to fulfill.

    • It sure looks to me like our righteous God has abandoned our country for its wickedness. The US had become a banana republic. Trump correctly and with his usual honesty tells us that we can't trust the election, the courts that won't accept the mountains of evidence, government agencies like the CDC and FDA that work against we the people, etc etc. Why would a righteous God let all this happen if it wasn't punishment for the wickedness of today's USA? 

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