• It is not the job to execute the unlawful edicts of man or government, but to teach about the laws of God, including sin and repentance, and to also instruct the people to stand upon the Word of God to bind and loose. And to agree and decree a thing, and it shall be done. And to physically stand against a thing coming against persons, righteousness, and our righteous laws. The Black Robed Regiment took arms and aim at the Britush soldiers. That is really standing. They led the charge.

  • Time for all churches to separate from the government remember we live in a freedom of religion country and where there is a separation of church and state. We can't let the devil win 

  • So sad

  • People should remove themselves from this false church... Rev 17:1-

  • What has happened to TEXAS? This so called Priest should be removed from the Church and the Bishop should issue an apology?  Other members of this Church should demand the Pastors apologise and resign from the leadership.

  • I'm not Christian ... I'm actually Jewish. This is outrageous. I'm not a cry-baby, but I dropped a few tears over this.

    I thought that a house of worship is where humanity is expressed ... certainly not in her church. Her so-called Bishop should be defrocked NOW ... I think that's the correct terminology. Unbelievable!!

  • She is in the wrong church. She would not get this type of treatment in a Christian Jesus centric church. Jesus teaches us to love and care for one another. Join a bible believing Christian church.

    • We Catholics are bible believing. It might well be that some of our priests are not. 

      If I were her I would attend a traditional Catholic Church where the basics of our faith are preached, not some of this claptrap that caters to the political left and not one that serves communion to the likes of Biden and Pelosi, two of the phoniest Catholics claiming themselves as devout.

    • Yes.

  • Communism coming to your local theater.  Wake up people.

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