• Bowser is a typical NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) loser. Well she's getting what she asked for but didn't realize it would  happen. DC's fault for elecvting such a loser.

  • So, in influx of less than 1/2 of 1% of the population is a "flood".  but 10 times that number in border states is no big deal???  WTF

  • 💯 Accurate 

  • Remove National guard from Boarder didn't they already move ice and border patrol. So will protect the border? Are we really paying a game of chess. States at the border let federal government run and pay for states control over the border and other states screaming we can't pay for out of control borders. Who's going to watch the brorders no one if democrats and Rino's from other businesses have control. Wide the hell open anyone get it they want no control of invasion! EU and NATO new worker's children trafficking. Does anyone see what government is doing. Befor election replacement of Citizens Vote they stay in power. The same government that destroyed for power money. Not aloud to ask if your a citizen nor can you speak English and business have so many jobs to fill. But no one can communicate so many non speaking people. Why schools can't teach children need machines or translator? Just need work payless businesses forcing vaccine on who citizens. Divided we fall! But wide open borders replaced you your job and vote. Free federal money soon Cuba! Replace voter! We fall to communism no one will watch the borders. Destroy with in our country. Thats the plan been the plan for decades and decades. 

  • Bravo


    Paybacks a bitch! The left wanted Illegal Aliens flooding America, they got them. Now ,lets bus them to Martha's Vineyard, The Hamptons, next to Obama, Next to Nancy Pelosi's house and refuse to send the National Guard just like the left refused to send the National Guard to Washington to protect the Trump rally. Like I said: Paybacks a bitch. 😈

  •  hear and see what is really going on with the war against Russia.

    Russia was forced to intervene in Ukraine – ex-US senator
  • So typical of Dems. They can dish it out but can't take it! Wimps.

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