Positions of State & Federal Gov. are Now Indefensible...  The video (link below) clearly and scientifically states 'sheltering in place' is not only ineffective... it is harmful and in the long term is exacerbating the disease and other medical problems.  The response our Government has chosen to advance has never been used to combat a pandemic before... In the past governments quarantined the sick... not the well.  The common seasonal flue has similar statistics for incidence and deaths as the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, the flu has never triggered such a radical response. The initial models for this pandemic created serious fear which has since proven to be way out of line... both in its estimates of lethality and infectious rates.

In this video, these two Doctors from Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, California totally destroy the insane policies of our compromised and biased government... leaders and their so-called "expert" advisors. It's time for President Trump to remove Dr.'s Fauci and Birx and for EVERY Governor to wake up to reality...The coronavirus IS JUST ANOTHER SERIOUS FLUE EMPIDEMIC and that it is time to open up every business and school in the United States and the World before our economy implodes.

After watching this video you will see how fearmongering has robbed most people of their ability to reason... Fortunately, there are clear thinking, educated, experienced, real professionals, with real data, to show us the way forward. All we need to do is find them, and listen to them, and have the courage and wisdom to admit our devastating mistakes, then change course immediately for the good of all mankind.

THE GOVERNMENTS  CURRENT COURSE OF ACTION IS NOW INDEFENSIBLE!  The Democrat Party and its officials, including Dr. Fauci and Brix, have led the nation into chaos and economic collapse... they are overreacting to a disease that is no worse than the annual FLU... and they know it.  They are not dumb.  Shutting down the economy is a political move, calculated political propaganda is being used to coerce specific political action by the government... 

Certain political interests are using the Public Health System to fearmonger... too, coerce political action, normally not contemplated.  These political interests are engaged in DOMESTIC TERRORISM as defined in the Domestic Terrorist Act.  People are dying from these domestic terrorist policies, meant to bring down Pres. Trump.  The current economic shut down has no medical efficacy as a cure or containment for this pandemic.  The actions of Dr. Fauci and Brix are inexcusable.  Those agents in government promoting the current 'shelter in place' policies are doing it for political reasons.  These disgusting individuals need to be prosecuted not simply chastized.

FOR THE VIDEO GO TO: https://wethepeopleconvention.org/articles/Gov-Positions-Indefensible

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  • China now implicated in the use of the COVID19 pandemic to promote its power... and too, destroy western civilizations' economic strength.

  • The wizardry of the left... spins a narrative of terror holding the specter of death in one hand and the false promise of a vaccine in another...  These merchants of death continue to tweak their numbers, redefine their pandemic models as they bargain to extend the shutdown while cracking down on the opposition to social distancing.  When will it stop... perhaps this is but the first installment of pandemic fear... with more just waiting in China for a green light to release the twin to this virus.

  • Any numbers coming out of the CDC no longer can be trusted... they continue to redefine their model's assumptions and have been found coercing reported causes of deaths to reflect COVID-19 as the cause when it clearly is not ... or has not been medically proven... thru testing.  The Public is being manipulated for political purposes.

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