A Portland rioter allegedly stabbed two people to death after being previously set free on rioting charges by a leftist district attorney with ties to the Black Lives Matter organization.

In June, 39-year-old Phillip L. Nelson was arrested for stabbing two people to death in Portland.

However, just one week before the killings, Nelson was arrested during a riot in downtown Portland but the charges were dropped by progressive District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who reportedly refused to pursue charges.

Newly-elected Multnomah County, Oregon, DA Schmidt, whose jurisdiction includes Portland, was put in place the far-left Real Justice PAC.

Real Justice was founded by Marxist Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrice Cullors, prominent BLM activist Shaun King, and several other radical-left agitators.

Before taking office, Schmidt vowed he would work to drop charges against "nonviolent protesters" as district attorney, according to local NBC affiliate KGW.

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  • Wild and Crazy Guy!

  • Rioters are the epitome of VIOLENT offenders! Democrat Officials are the epitome of USELESS.

  • The majority of Portland voters got what they asked for.  If I had lived in Portland I would be gone by now.  But then I'm in Weed Lake with the creeps who keep getting elected here.  Why don't I leave?  

  • Schmidt should be frogmarched out of his office, thrown into the graybar hotel and left to "cool" for a few months; then bring him to trial, charge with abuse of office, coconspirtor and accessory to murder AND then sent to Gitmo, till we can convince the DOJ to execute him..

    • The Problem with local and federal law enforcement's failure to prosecute key political figures is not due to the lack of LAW or evidence of criminal conduct... there is a whole range of charges that could be imposed and proven... The problem is the lack of WILL by the DOJ and FBI to enforce the law against these miscreants of justice.... in the Deep State an Swamp. 

      The President needs to form a Special Bureau within the DHS or White House... using outside lawyers, investigators, and law enforcement agents, (all handpicked) from within state and federal LE Agencies (US Marshals, FBI, Secret Service, BATF, etc.) and provided the mandate to go after criminal agents within every branch of government... including and especially the FBI, DOJ, and Courts.

  • All I can say is "God Help Us" because this is not going to stop.

    • As long as there are Democrats in office, we will be left to defend ourselves.

    • that is the fact


  • See the source image

  • Hunting, anyone?


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