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  • What an ASS!

  • Is there some kind of celebration we can give like a coming of age party when a guy finally grows a pair?


    • Yeah.  I think they might call it a BALL.  Not unlilke the Inaugural balls.

  • you lie down with dogs and you might end up covered in fleas

  • Wheeler has NO respect for the citizens of Portland. He should have ended these terrorists for the start. Thanks democrats for promoting violence, destructon.and complete terrorism to the best and most envied country on this planet!

  • NO SH** SHERLOCK. DUMB A$$. Bet your States residents are happy to hear this and vote your a$$ out or even recall you.

    • What a moron!  But, rememer, he was just re-elected in November so I guess the people of Portland must be very happy with him!  Do I hear mail in voter fraud?????

    • since Oregon went to 'Mail Ballots' no Republican has successfully been elected to State or Federal Office!



  • Too little too late idiot

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Or a battalion of ministers.   Holy rollers to trounce all of them.

This reply was deleted.