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  • This pathetic excuse for a man is a worthless filthy America hating commie liberal democrat. The only good liberal democrat is a dead liberal democrat!

  • Well, I guess he thinks the election is over, whole purpose was to make Trump look bad


  • No, he is trying to prepare his defense for violating the laws concerning insurrection, sedition and his failure to defend the civil rights of his own citizens... from the likes of Antifa and BLM... he obviously failed to read up on the Nuremberg Trials ... claiming ignorance is no defense.  This man needs to be one of the first to be arrested and shipped off for isolation and trial in GITMO.

    He made no effort of deescalation... he called off the local police and let the anarchist burn down much of his city.  His actions encouraged and aided the violence.  His belated arguments don't match the facts on the ground.  He is lying.

    • Ron, you are correct, and "just following orders" didn't work too well at Nuremberg did it?  This punk devildemocommiecrat knew they were violent but they did what he wanted them to do, and he blamed President Trump knowing it was false!!!!!

  • The time to push back was when it started. 

  • This shows that they were letting this happen until the election was over; in their minds. Come on man! hehe suddenly he sees the light, convenient timing, no?

    • Totally agree.   Thank God we still have Gitmo.

  • Idiot. That proves they are deranged.

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    • New York is GONE because of these A.Holes!


  • Liberals alternate reality of governance is a threat to all who they inflict it upon. Minus themselves,of course.

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