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Portland's police chief branded the woke-but-crime-ravaged city's 54 shootings over a 19 hour period 'stunning' and attacked calls to to defund his department.  

‘The ongoing tragedy of gun violence is on my mind tonight after a terrible weekend of violence in our city. A double murder this weekend. Nineteen shootings in 54 hours. Stunning,’ Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell tweeted on Monday night.

Officers are investigating 19 shootings that took place between early Friday morning and Sunday evening, which resulted in four arrests and numerous injuries. 

Two of those shootings were fatal - with the man and woman killed downtown Sunday recorded as the 71st and 72nd homicides in the Oregon city in 2021. That breaks its all-time previous record of 70 murders for the entire year of 1987.  

Police recovered 95 cartridge casing and multiple guns throughout the weekend of violence, which ended when a man living in a homeless hotel allegedly shot two dead while high on meth following the city’s decriminalization of all drugs. 

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  • Democrat ruled cities are turning shootings and killings into olympic events.

  • You get what you vote for. My Give-a-Damn is busted.

    • Mine too!


  • Catching up to Chicago 

  • Liberals truly have no brain. What the hell do they expect when they defund Police and allow Antifa and BLM to burn and loot without consequences.

    • It is all part of the grand design to destroy our society.

  • The sheople of Portland, the leftist liberals, and a spineless City and State government have lead to this.  They've had over a year to fix the situation and take matters into their own hands.  They are getting exactly what they've earned and rightfully deserved.

  • You can't blame the voters, the elections are RIGGED!!!

    • Rigged? That may be, but there is a large percentage of voters who are uninformed, or misinformed, they only vote for those who promise them something for nothing. Unfortunately I know many who voted for Biden because they just could not get themselves to vote for Trump, who are now walking around asking what happened, why are things suddenly so bad when Biden was opposed to fix things. Many of these people are well educated, intelligent people, yet they fall for the leftists BS. This is a serious problem, it is the media and the politicians, this is a problem separate from rigged elections, because even into set elections these people vote and the6 have no clue what they are doing to the country!

    • Well educated?  Maybe.  Intelligent.  No!

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