He isn't the only one. Go to any lefty site and they pretty much all say the same things this lunatic is saying

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  • Fat chance A-Hole.

  • Another radical communist spewing nonsense. Then they wonder why they keep losing all elections and the large majority Americans is against them. 

  • Commie looneys are all in such prominent places in this culture. Is it so we can see them for what they are, show our kids what not to be when they grow up, get a good laugh?

  • instead of rehashing recycled propaganda how about do something for those who have been out of work due to government related decrees because of the covid pendemic instead of being worried about being re elected

  • Is this the plan for all of us?

    • This is a great video. Thanks for posting. Am keeping it.

    • Very informative. I',m going to pass the link to this video to everyone I know.

    • Doing that, too. 

    • What a shock. Youtube took it down. They have to hide this info from the public to help the communists in the election.

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