• I Want TRUMP in Office Again, he is Pro-USA Constitution and Capitalism!!


    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  • Absolutely, the R party is dead. They proved it in this election, just like FIX.

  • I think it was Ted Cruz or maybe Mark levin I'm not sure...

    He's referring to the folly of a third party in that it would pretty much just fracture the vote like in the days of Ross Perot so splitting the conservatives that the Democrats would be able to then maintain power he suggested we much more prudent for us to take action and transform the Republican party back into what it's supposed to be to fight to take back to expose the traitors the rinos .. and the Communists within the Republican party there have been multiple parties for years and when I'm not in vote season I'm a member of the constitutional party yeah you've never heard of them because they can't get any traction

    There is this possibility of a American moderate party hiding place for fence sitters but I doubt it would ever gain the numbers necessary to seriously control what goes on in Congress in the Senate us with third party could seriously split the electoral college so that every election would end up being too excited by a vote in the House of Representatives.,


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