Political correctness is a disease from the pit of hell that has infected and is destroying America daily.  People want to ignore the Word of God to justify sin so they invented the false doctrine of political correctness to make themselves feel superior to God and those who follow His Word completely.  Political correctness calls abortion "a woman's right to choose" where the Word of God, the Holy Bible, calls abortion the murder of a child of God,  calls homosexuality an "alternative but equal lifestyle" where God's Word calls it sin, calls islam an "equal but alternative path to Heaven" when God's Word says that Jesus Christ is the ONLY path to an eternity in Heaven.  Politically correct people call themselves "enlightened", "tolerant", "diverse" and willing to accept everyone as they choose to be but all of those self-indulgent adjectives fly right out the window when people of the Christian faith disagree with them and speak the Word of God to political correctness.  Suddenly all those glowing descriptions turn into hatred and vitriol as we are called "non-diverse", "unenlightened", "intolerant",  "haters" and are subjected to treatment that is just the opposite of what they claim to be.  Of course, the politically correct have to do this so they can maintain their lofty opinions of themselves by denigrating those not like themselves.

The rioting, looting, burning, raping, and murdering happening in democrat run cities and states are excused by democrats and their Joseph Goebbels/Pravda media as "peaceful protests" by people "seeking social justice".  Since when is looting and burning down the business owned and operated by an immigrant from Ethiopia or a business owned and operated by a family serving the black community "providing social justice" in the name of a career criminal killed when resisting arrest by police or trying to kidnap a car load of small children while armed with a knife and getting into a car where he has a gun?  All of the politically correct rhetoric is merely an excuse for violence and theft to get something someone has not earned.  I have heard politicians and fake media people claim much of it is because a person was trying to get a loaf of bread to feed their family.  Is that why a 1 year old boy was gunned down in York City, and an 8 year old girl gunned down in Atlanta recently?  Did they have bread they were unjustly keeping from a hungry family?  The answer is so obvious a blind, mindless, blithering idiot should be able to discern it.  The political correctness crowd won't answer those questions because they don't want the truth to be told, the truth isn't in them. 

I keep hearing that blm and antifa are people trying to get justice for fellow blacks but every time I see one of them on TV it is a white marxist demanding that American society be destroyed and replaced with a "marxist utopia", a "utopia" that has never existed and never will exist.  During the 20th Century we saw many "marxist utopias" brought into being, societies that murdered millions of people and enslaved those not murdered but today in America democrats and their mindless drones say "oh, but we will do it right and it will work under us".  If you believe that I want to sell you a bridge.  It isn't mine to sell but you are so stupid and unenlightened to buy into the "utopia" idea you won't realize it, ever, that you don't own it because I didn't own it to be able to sell it.  Those are the people being led to destruction by people selling a system that has never succeeded and never will because things aren't free.  The government produces nothing, anything it gives to someone who hasn't worked for it, it first confiscates it from someone who has worked for it.  If you have believed the lie of "free health care", "free education", etc. ask yourself which educator or which medical provider is willing to provide their services without charge and when you find them please let me know who and where they are because I am poor and could use some "free" services.  Have you ever seen a doctor or college professor willing to give their time and knowledge away every day?  I am 70 years old and on "Social Security" and Medicare, ponzi schemes I was forced to pay into for 50 years, only to be now told that I am "stealing from the government" by drawing out money I paid into the system my entire teen and adult life while illegal aliens and moslem "migrants" who have come here but not paid a penny into the system "deserve" to be taken care of.  Why is it that poor people who have paid money into the supposed "retirement account" for many years are "thieves" while those contributing nothing are "entitled" because they are here?  It seems that once the money was confiscated from my paychecks it became the property of the political ruling class.  Sadly, it really doesn't matter which political party we vote for, almost all politicians are corrupt, some more than others.

Our nation has not only turned away from God but has demanded that He no longer be acknowledged for who He is and what He has done in creating this nation, the most prosperous nation that has ever existed.  Democrats elevate satan to a position of honor and worship while denigrating Almighty God and anyone loyal to the Creator of the entire universe and everything in it, including human beings and this great country.

Nazi war criminal george soros and his satanic cabal of billionaires are financing the "peaceful protests" designed to destroy the Representative republic and replace it with tyranny.  One common factor of "marxist/communist/fascist utopias" is that the useful idiots that brought the tyrants to power were among the first to be persecuted by the tyrants they installed.  Hitler's black shirts, the violent SA, were murdered in an event called "The Night of the Long Knives", Kristalnacht (not sure of spelling).  Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Castro, Pol Pot, and countless other despots did the same, kill or imprison their "useful idiots" so they couldn't be used by others to overthrow the tyrants.

If black lives really mattered to those people they would be burning abortion clinics that kill in excess of 350,000 unborn black babies every year and homes of the democrat politicians that fund abortion and turn their backs on black children killed by black gang members but it isn't about black lives, it is about anarchy and tyranny.  Just as the fake news media is the propaganda arm of the democrat party blm and antifa are the Brown Shirt arm of the democrat party.  All of them are allied to bring a satanic regime into control of our nation.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

I urge all Christians to pray daily as I do that God will soften the hearts of people and draw them to Himself.  I daily ask Almighty God to call people to repentance and to heal our land as stated in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  If you are a Christian, a patriot, and able to serve the nation please consider running for office at some level, local, state, or federal.  We need you to step up and help turn the nation around.  I am old and disabled but I can pray and write so I do what I can to help.  If I was younger and in a better physical state I would run myself but that isn't feasible for me so I do what I am able to do, pray and write.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

September 8, 2020


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