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  • Any gun found "lying around" my house is there for a purpose. My purpose. It is of no one's business and certainly not any business of the Government (government). The only this one must know from this is I know where it (they) my be "lying", I know how to use and they are Constitutional. Why would I want to turn any Gun over to a Mob Loving group of people such as have been placed in our governments? Just whom am I to be protecting? . . .and just who are the "wrong hands"?

    • You are totally correct. My guns are in the "right hands" where they will stay.



  • They will not be coming into my home without a valid search warrant showing a valid reason for the warrant. I am not giving up my only defense against criminals entering my home with intent to steal or hurt me. Especially now because the insane Democrats are defunding the police and leaving citizens to defend outselves. I am voitng for Trump and all Republicans in November to restore law and order and common sense to our country. I am praying that the American Voters will vote RED also.

    • They will do what Donald Trump has not... the left will declare Martial Law and suspend our Constitutional legal protections from unwarranted search and seizure.... they will indeed take your guns.  If necessary they will pry them from your cold, dead, hands. Make no mistake if the Dem's take power they intend on detaining upwards of 20 million individuals; sending them to gulags or reeducation camps.  Pres. Trump's failure to respond to the Marxist Insurgency and open insurrection is feeding their boldness, building their confidence...  Trump's belief that he can control this movement is more than a high-risk gamble... it can become deadly if he fails to remove the threat and loses the election.

      I assure you that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are not concerned about your constitutional rights... and if they win the election we will be on our OWN... Don't expect the local police or sheriff to help... look at what is happening and how the local authorities are doing nothing to stop the lawlessness.  Don't expect the private militia to help, they will be busy trying to hide from extinction.  Our only hope is that Pres. Trump takes a page from Pres. Lincolns Presidency and declares martial law...  That he rounds up the Marxist and Socialist in the Deep State, along with their agents in the various left-wing paramilitary groups (Antifa, BLM, ACORN, etc.) and ship them out to GITMO to await trial by military tribunal.

    • I believe as you do.


    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Vela... and God Bless.

    • America take note, socialist democrats must be defeated in our States and local communities as well, never put a democrat back into office ever!!

    • You've stated the REAL BOTTOM LINE!


    • The GOP is bad enough but the dimbicles are much worse



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