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  • Learn from the mistakes of others for it is impossible to live long enough to make them all yourself. However, that is why history is no longer taught in our schools. If these young people knew the history of socialism they would never think it better than free enterprise. Socialism although it has been tried perhaps many hundreds of times has always failed. It has never brought prosperity to anyone except those at the very top perhaps as few as one tenth of one percent.

    During the twentieth century the guns were confiscated from citizens in countries throughout Europe and Asia. Those countries were run by dictatorships mostly elected politicians turned dictator once in power. All powerful leaders who, once the guns were confiscated in the name of individual safety, (which is always the theme used to get the guns from the law abiding citizen) began rounding up people who did not agree with their policies and murdering them. The total number murdered is somewhere between one hundred seventy million (170,000,000) and two hundred sixty million (260,000,000). Yes that is hundreds of millions of their own citizens. Let that FACT be a lesson to all Americans regardless of political party because even some of the people who supported those savage dictators were rounded up and murdered by their own government.

    Right now today we can see the hate in the eyes of those make believe democrats who are looting and rioting in the streets of many of our major cities. Those cities are being run and have been run for several decades by these communists (indoctrinated democrats) who pose now “AS” democrats. They refuse to do anything about the looting and rioting in order to create chaos throughout America. In an effort to keep President Trump from being reelected. We much not allow them to get back into power or we will find ourselves in a fight for our very liberties and maybe even our lives. The most important President Trump goal is to get the power back into the hands of the people where our constitution says it is to be. We are currently going through a coup d’etat and it will get worse, much worse, should Biden/Harris somehow win next November.

    Remember that next November 3 or when you vote for the next President! Avoid mail in ballots if possible. In any case do not vote for any democrat regardless of position for once they are in they all vote as a block because “they” even fear their own leaders.

  • How stupid is that if law abiding citizens turn in their guns then only criminals will have guns,DUH!!!

  • The democrat party is actually the communist party.  The Right to Bear Arms is in the U.S. Constitution to give the Citizens of the U.S.A. the power to live free from dictatorship. 

  • Give up yr guns so you can be a sitting duck?

  • IF they try to take our guns I am afraid we will go to war against the demorats. I cannot see everyone just giving up their guns. I'd rather fight them rather than just give up.

  • Don't even think about coming to my house. Especially with a mask on.

    • I agree. 

  • Isn't there an old joke about a farmers daughter and a traveling salesman that showcases the same sincerity?

  • I am sure anti-social criminal types will be rolling their firearms in by the wheel barrel full, being so decently civic minded and all.

    I'd like to laugh at this, but it is both so mind-numbingly dumb to place faith in, and treacherous to individual civil liberties, and property.

    • I agree with you.


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