• Just doesn't "work" for what exact purpose?

    Would that be injecting nanotech?

    Or causing sterilization, Bells-Palsy,  blood clots or heart arythmia's?

    Or injecting a code that tells the body to create spike proteins?

    Hmmmn, I wonder which one didn't work..

  • If whatever it is called does not meet the qualifications/testing required under the Geneva Convention Article X, it is Not a "Vaccine! " Nothing developed anywhere in the World at this time meets these "Accepted Standards." The results for not following these procedures and standards and releasing "Products" into Human Beings is becoming more evident Daily.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The simple fact is, none of the so called vaccines work!
    They do not prevent getting sick from the virus, fully vaccinated people end up in the hospitals, and even dying. Think of TB, polio, etc, those prevent people from getting sick...vaccines that protect people. Covid -19 has been a terrible failure, in fact way too May deaths directly connected to it, and frankly there was no reason to have it when we realized that hydroxychloroquin and ivermectin along other drugs actually cure patients, save their lives. The vaccine serves no one but those who are involved in pushing it on the world. 

  • I know there are many questions surrounding the Pfizer vaccine, but I cannot give any credibility to the guy being interviewed.  I mean seriously dude?  

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