The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released the first batch of documents related to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine program after a federal judge ordered that they must comply with a massive FOIA request.

The request was filed by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency group, which consists of more than 30 professors and scientists. They requested any and all data that factored into the agency’s decision to authorize Phizer’s vaccine for emergency use.

“The entire purpose of the FOIA is to assure government transparency,” the plaintiffs argue. “It is difficult to imagine a greater need for transparency than immediate disclosure of the documents relied upon by the FDA to license a product that is now being mandated to over 100 million Americans under penalty of losing their careers, their income, their military service status, and far worse.” The FDA was ordered to comply after challenging the request in court. The agency had previously stated they would need a whopping 55 years to process the request.

An official Pfizer document titled Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Records Reports, obtained via the request, contains data on adverse reactions to the vaccine. According to the document, there were tens of thousands of adverse effects to the vaccine recorded over a 90-day period from December 1st. 2020 – February 28th, 2021.

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  • This is murder. All who pushed this without warning should be prosecuted. Mr. Science (Madman Fauci) should be the first to be prosecuted for these murders. 


    • It was a well organized joint effort by many.....and they sucked in Trump, made him believe it was real and necessary.

    • This time I would have to defend Trump.  How could he be expected to know differently from what the experts had told him and remember all the dreadful predictions?  No one knew what was what and it would have been political suicide to oppose any and every precaution.  Why it was supposed to be the black plague all over again and then there were the political ramifications for anything he did, or failed to do that could have been criticized.  As it was, his Administration functioned exceedingly well and efficiently more than anyone could have expected. 

      No one could have known of been expected to know that the real bomb was to be the mass mailing of ballots until that was announced months latter.  Then everyone including Trump recognized the potential for fraud.  Trump spoke out about it, but failed to do anything and that's the bullet that got him.  And they intend to do the same thing this time in 2024 with this claim about the new strain.  It's about mailing unrequested ballots to everyone state wide.  All it takes is a handful of counties in swing states to throw an election.

    • You can add Bill Gates to that list

    • I agree, fraudci is a murderer being paid by Nazi war criminal george soros and controlled by satan!!!!!  Every devildemocommiecrat and all of their gop establishment co-conspirators should hang with fraudci!!!!!!!!!!


  • 1200 vaccine deaths - that sounds significant.  But quite frankly it is not unheard of that the FDA would approve something that later turned out to be harmful or deadly.  I would like to know what the causes of these deaths were - was it the vaccine or some other factor.

    • If you read the report it talks about the age, the cause, and how much time after the ijection they suffered a reaction. It is detailed enough to understand the shot has a serious risk of causing damage or death.
      This is ONLY the first 90 day period...1200 cases in the first three months they began to give this USELESS poison, now it is a year later and the numbers are a lot greater!

      As shown in Figure I, the System Organ Classes (SOCs) that contained the greatest number
      sin the overall dataset, were General disorders and naministration site
      conditions (51,335 AES), Nervous system disorders (25,957). Musculoskeletal and
      conpective tissue disorders (17.283). Gastrointestinal disorders (14.096). Skin and
      subcutaneous tissue disorder;
      8,476), Respiralory,thoricie
      and medinstnaldisorder
      (8,848), Infections and infestations (4,010), Injury, poisoning and procedural complications
      (y), and Invesn@anons (3.43)R

      if you multiply it by 4 to cover the first year it's ove4 200,000 people! The flu on average kills between 50-120,000 per year.......Covid if treated early has a 99.9% survival rate! But the treatment is cheap and big pharma wants to sell a lot of EXPENSIVE drugs paid for by all of us!

    • if it was the "vaccine" We the People will never be told!!!!!  The satanists exagerate the danger of the virus and downplay the danger of the big pharma poison!!!!!  Big pharma makes billions and politicians and bureaucrats like fraudci get millions in kickbacks at the expense of we taxpaying citizens (not leftist billionares)

  • It is all about money and power. People are dying because of the vaccine but no one really wants to talk about that. 

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

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