• I do like Pete.  I think he is very sincere and a patriot. Reform is crucial but for my money most of those, espcially on the Lefft but not ONLY on the Left, are a sad example of America/Americans. They need to go!!

  • Let's hope that these speeches all translate into effective reforms... I for one am tired of empty rhetoric.  Speeches are good but they don't butter our bread or keep the lights on.

    • Looking for those DOERS... where are they?   Doing is not speech... it's action, it's physical reforms, it's life-transforming change... Anyone see any of those animals running around in DC or CPAC?  It is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the evidence of our faith as it transforms our nation.  The problem is the transformation is going in the wrong direction.  Something is wrong with the current progress ... or should I say lack of progress... as our government is regressing.  

      Where are these changes in our public schools... as I certainly see none.  The Cancel Culture, new math, revisionist history, and the portrayal of America as evil is the rule, not the exception... His calls to fortify our schools require federal action to fund parent vouchers/choice.  That would be real progress, not empty rhetoric.  The US culture and our traditional government is sitting in the kill zone.. knowing that doesn't help... what works is men like Pete organizing legislation at the local, state, and federal level.. most individuals are not able to do that.  We need to follow through with actions, not more speeches ... and elections.

  • He nailed it.

  • WOW !!!

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