• Protect all those criminals psaki, it will get you somewhere.

  • She evidently had some practice faking orgasms whenever she found a wino!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • she is one STUPID BROAD

    • 9608812857?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Yep, Martha. And that’s the truth

  • I haven't even heard her voice once because I din't watch her stupid reportings. Don't watch her and let her and the TV ratings go down the drain.

  • Pathological liars need to lie even if there’s no gain. Once the liar starts down the path of untruth, each lie becomes easier until it’s just a matter of conversing.

    • Isn't that all demockrats?


    • All leftists for sure!
      We no longer have democrats, only marxists. The democrat party died with JFK......who was killed by a Marxist!

  • This pig needs to be in jail

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