• The back stabbing leftists that STOLE OUR COUNTRY will hand Taiwan to Xi on a silver platter!!!!

  • Xi OWNS Biden and a hell of a lot more.

    I wish americans would cancel their twitter and facebook accounts on 9/11 for underminiung our elections and inflicting this hell on us!!!!

    Punish our Punishers!!!

    I'm betting the country STILL  has far too many useful idiots in it to do so!!!!

  • Celebrating with the enemy traders Biden and his communest party .

  • The American People might want to start Learning The Chinese Language-!!! POLITICIANS HAVE COMPLETELY "SOLD OUT" THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

  • This is somewhere on TP right now.  Looks like the answer to your question is YES! ugh  


  • In one word - Yes.  Traitor Joe has been bought by the CCP.  Does anyone thinking person believe that Traitor Joe will not do exactly what his CCP masters want him to do?

  • That should go well! Concidering the Chinese have O'biden in their hip pocket! 

  • China felt left out when Biden gave Russia a list of all the US's Critical sites not to hit,  So..... 

  • Stinking traitors!!!

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