• The goal of the globalists, both Democrats and RINO Republicans is to turn America into a thrid world country.  In the process, the globalists are taking over the economy from our native middle class and the Democrats keep miving us left towards a socialist welfare state.  Socialism means poverty; poverty means shortages and it's all one big global economy.  Yipee, (NOT). 

  • The goal of progressives is to change the USA to a socialist society where shortages are a way of life for us all.  They are succeeding.  

  • FDR issued ration books of stamps for food.  Think it can't happen in America?  joe biden wants to top FDR I have read.

    • That was an entirely different reason.......the Soviets did it because there was no food. 
      we went early in the morning to by bread and meat, then the green grocer or the open market where the village peasants sold their extra foods. You waited until 10:00am and you had to wait until the next day when the bread, milk, butter and everything arrived. There was one waste!

    • I don't know why they did it in  Russia,but in this country the biteme demorats are doing it to create shortages, and make this a communist country. And the comment you had about no waste over there that doesn't make any sense to control their own people by starving them. They can afford nuclear weapons, one of the largest militarys in the world, greed by politicans, but THEY CAN NOT SUPPLY THEIR OWN PEOPLE WITH ENOUGHT FOOD TO EAT. That sounds like greed and control.

    • Socialism is great until you run out of other people's money - Margaret Thatcher. History proves that when the moneys gone and the little people rise up, the ruling class revert to Totalitarian Fascism. The end result will be just as that of the famous German Guy in the 1930's and 1940's, who implemented the same actions against anyone whom he didn't like or whom didn't agree with him, and we all know how that turned out for 6 million Jews and 9 million Polish people!

    • It's all free... who needs money?  Just print the stuff up out of hot air and when one's checkbook runs out print a new one.  The Democrats are using the New Math system for budgeting... works every time until one runs out of ink and paper... However, the world is wising up to the left's Check Kiting scheme. Who needs other people's money when hot air is just as good.

  • She is so correct.  But as long as Beijing Biden is President, I don't expect it to get any better. 

  • This is what happen  when we let a bunch of DEVILCRATS  steal a election  .

    • Exactly! And I agree with on that one

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