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  • His a wolf in sheep's clothing! Hahahahahaha

  • Gov. Wolf it is time for you to go. It seems like all Liberal Communist Democrats are in the bag as crooked. Scum like you must go.

  • Seems we're headed back towards the wild West where your gun was judge, jury, and executionor.  Or medevial times where daily hangings become some form of entertainment.  Even many judges now have drifted away from the rule of law and rule in favor of law-breakers. Life today makes zero sense anymore.  

  • I am lamblasted as to why most all Eastern states so liberal.  From governors on down to local levels of government are populated with liberal thinkng.  Whereas mid-western states are conservative.   As in this case of the Pensalvania governors wife doing what she done they think nothing about any consequences. 

  • Total hypocrasy, rules for thee and not for me. 

  • another DOG like Cuomo and Newsom and Murphy and like the governors of Ct. and Mass.

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