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  • I saw a self made poster in my daughters room that said " Good cops don't let bad cops kill". I asked her if she was involved in the BLM crowd. She was. We had a long talk about it and told her about all the violence they were commiting in other states and she said they were not like that. I told her about "Pigs in  a blanket, fry-em like bacon and she never heard that before. I told her about " What do we want, dead cops-when do we want them,NOW. She never heard that either. She said we are not like that here. We are in Arkansas, a red state and you won't see it because of that. Our elected officials will call Seal Team 6 if necessary to deal with violence in our state. She spends too much time on social media where I think they get there brian washing. She is a legal adult so I can't stop her from what she wants to do, I can only advise her and show her what she hasn't seen from these radical groups. 

    • Sometimes it just takes a little growing up to see the light. Your daughter will come around before you know it when a loving father like you gives her the right guidance no matter how much the commies brainwashed her mind in the American education system.

    • Thank you for the kind words. I told her that Obama planted the seeds of hate and division and it has grown larger since he left and she disagreed with me. I told her that Michael Brown attacked a cop that was in his car and tried to take his pistol. He never got on his knees and raised his hands, HANDS UP, DON'T SHOOT. 6 witnesses and 5 of them were black testified in the trial of the cop to that fact but the media never informed the public about it. She didn't know about that either. I told her she was just being manipulated by people who are either uninformed or are lying to her. I do think I got her to start thinking for herself.

  • About damn time we start seeing some real justice. I guess this state isn't being bought off by the billionaires like Goerge-sore-ass

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • Arrest enough of them, set the bail high enough and even the billionaires won't be able to bail them out

  • And $10 million for second occurence! Disappear 3rd occurence.

    • Sounds good to me!


    • Yep

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