Your bail shall be 1 million dollars - Dr. Evil | Meme Generator

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  • High time to hold them all acountable.

    • Exactly; should have happened from day one!

  • Antics/BLM are supported by the NFL how many of it players put a military uniform gone to battle for our Freedom yet they think they are big and mighty protesting the American flag. Idiots I'm a Vietnam veteran who went to war for their freedom and now they are making millions of dollars 

  • RESTITUTION for the victims of the DEMOCRATS roaming horde of anarchists!!!

  • Arrest the general who's giving them their stand down orders. That's the head of the snake!!!

  • !! EXCELLENT !!!

  • Sounds good to me. BLM and ANTIFA are traitors and insurrectionists. Their crime deserve high bails.

  • Screw Kamala and these commie bastards....

  • The fines for this kind of thing should be for the total amount of damage done and let them rot in jail until someone pays it...

    • Agreed!!

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