• Schiff should be tried and shot for what he did TO OUR COUNTRY!!!

  • I saw only a clip of this confrontation, but from what I saw Ortagus cleaned his clock.  He squirmed more than a worm picked up and held in a person's hand.  Of course - he is a worm!

  • No, the MSM isn't losing.  They continue to dominate the airwaves and stiffle any opposing views preventing even the dissemination of basic, factual, truthful information.  The fact that the majority of Americans no longer believe them doesn't much diminish their power and influence.  We are over whelmed with their view of reality daily, inundated with it actually and what's more, the 35% or 37%  which constitutes the liberal, Democratic, Progressive "Wokes" are never ever exposed to the lie.  The educational establishment molds their thought process and then the media confirms the prejudices daily.

    No, the MSM isn't losing.  It is America that has lost and it was and continues to  be their propaganda, which was and is instrumental in our demise.

  • Apparently, one (or some) of our members still watch the drivel.

    • The hardcore left; 35%-37% of Americans, blind, crippled and crazy, Democrats and worse, all of them

  • Listen to the lies this shit head keeps promoting. He totally misrepresents his culpability in the coup against Trump.

  • VERMIN like pencilDICK schiff REALLY need to be run out of town on a RAIL, TARRED and FEATHERED, PERIOD!

  • Really?  They appear to be losing ground over here while, all the while, they are killing you over there.  They give a few ripe morsels while they take a knife and are tearing open your back. Oh wonderful.  You may be getting a ham sandwich while they rob your huge pantry of all contents.  Wow!  I am so impressed.  What are we doing???

    • And there's the real question

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