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Former Vice President Mike Pence will reportedly back incumbent GOP governors over challengers endorsed by Donald Trump, potentially furthering the rift between himself and the ex-commander-in-chief.

Pence told a handful of these governors of his support during a private meeting, according to a Wall Street Journal report published on Saturday.

"I want to be clear," Pence reportedly said. "I'm going to be supporting incumbent Republican governors."

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  • Response to Col. Nelson,

     "Rallies that promise reform too often only produce the illusion of reform. Rhetoric that goes no further than the props in a Kabuki theater production is counterproductive and often ends with more disappointment and betrayal.
    The solutions to our problems are known... What is lacking is leadership, an effective national organization, adequate resourcing, and the application of the 'lesser magistrate doctrine, combined with a well-defined and executed nullification and anti-commandeering legislation campaign. Lasting political reforms comes with effective legislative action. Legislative Acts that lawfully return power to the people.  Real reform doesn't need the tinsel and prestidigitation associated with the carnival barkers and their marketing schemes."

    Everything you said is true, but the facts remain.  This Trump marketing campaign outfit sucks all the oxygen from the room.  Once again in 2024, it's either Trump in desperate hopes, or no hope whatsoever.  
    I implore you to make a difference.   Find retired, military officers of flag status and form a committee ostensibly to provide financial support for his candidacy and campaign.  Such a distinguished committee can and will receive an audience with Trump.  It is at such time that your additional support could be offered, his education as to these matters and the committee's personal assessment of his willingness to grow and be effective can begin.  
    Only someone with your type of credentials and skill sets can possibly pull something of this magnitude off.  You never bothered to answer my first petition.
  • Pence wasn't worth a darn as VP & what makes him think we care what he says anymore. He is a traitor

  • I am not sure if Trump will be the best person to run in 2024.  He will be fighting the other side his whole next term.  We need unity.  Trump is not the great unifier that we need.  He is the best CEO that this country needs, but has way too much baggage. There are several more out there that can do the job.  DeSantic, Cruz, Jordan, to name a few.  I would not count our Pence either.  He was loyal to the country, not the man.  He did what he thought was best.  

    • I've got a couple of other issues with your comments.  Trump is not the only person who can do the job and he may not even be the best person to do the job, but he is the best one in terms of who can get elected and he is the best unifer for our side, our cause, our people. 

      We do not need, nor do we want a unifer who can unify the country.  That ship has sailed. 

      We want a unifer that will win and then begin to destroy the opposition.  Somewhere between 36% and 40% of the country still support Biden to this day.  We don't need to unitfy with them.  We need them destroyed and marginalized whatever it takes, up to and including civil war and those who haven't figured that much out by now are of no use to us. 

    • Without Donald Trump and his movement, the GOP is little more than a "Vichy" party to the Democommunists, and they know it.

      Natural authority is then granted (begrudgingly) by his presence. If Trump is a smart organization businessman, he will take the mandate and clean the party house to realign the organization to intended principles (bye-bye Pillsbury doughboy?). Facilitating radical activism of Progressive Socialism is not in the GOP cards, while marking time until the Countries demise.

      As far as Pences ethics is concerned, "doing what he thought best" is not consistant with the Nations interests. Adolph Hitler did what he thought best for Germanys interests. If Mike Pence was on the Trump/Pence ticket and in the administration for any other reason than belief in Trumps political prinicpals, then he was just a political opportunist and can be assumed to have the same caliber of ethics.

      When President of the Senate Pence rubberstamped the key state electoral results in question, rather than refer them for disposition in the count, he took one large step away from the sitting President. Do you think the Vice President was Constitutionally appointed as President of the Senate by random accident (it could just as easily be the Chief Justice)? In the Joint Congress certification, that man is the representation of the incumbent Chief Executive for a virtuous process, AND HE BALKED.

    • Amen...

    • Divine justice would be Donald Trump inspiring a transformation "on the road to Damascus" for GOP leadership.

      They could use it.

    • WEll said

    • Mucho Gusto Señor!

    • Hasta la Pasta mi amigo.

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