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President Donald Trump's supporters must decide "how loyal they want to be to...him," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell on Monday.

"I think many of them just don't want to admit they made a mistake," Pelosi said. "And, for some of them, that's where they are. I -- have disrespect for people, that -- you know that story."

Pelosi was talking about the New York Times report, based on Trump's leaked tax records, that says Trump is financially stressed, "beset by millions in debt coming due and an I.R.S. audit that could cost him over $100 million." The report said Trump paid only $750 in federal income taxes in 2016, "and nothing at all in 10 of the prior 15 years — largely because he lost so much money."

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  • The last time I made a mistake voting for a president was when I voted for jimmy carter.  Never made that kind of mistake again.

  • nancy thinks she is dr birx jr wearing a neckerchief all the time now. No original thoughts of her own. nancy your brain is corroded. The 1% are your buddies.

  • Blow it out you nose pelosi...I'm voting for TRUMP.........


  • President Trump is Ronald Reagan for our time!! He MUST win the election.

    Biden and his son are in bed with China ... if they win, we become the United States of China     :=((

    • Trump is a better president than even Reagan.

  • Could care LESS about President Trump's financials!!  All we care about is the great things he has done for America and will do in his second term as President!!  Then after Trump's second term Mike Pence will make a great 2 term president!!  There will be NO communist demoncrats in public office starting Nov. 3!!

  • !!!!!! WHY   !!!!!!!!!!!! HASN'T SOMEONE "SLAPPPPPED" HER !!!!!!!!!

  • Let's see your taxes pelosi!! You crooked! Thief!!

    • and Kamala (the commie) Harris and Joe Biden.


  • Your the mistake Nancy! Trump is the way.

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