• Take your phony committee and shove it pislosi

  • Be done with it... Throw Chenny out of the GOP...  strip her of all committee assignments as a member of the GOP Caucus... If Pelosi wants to give her some Democrat committee assignments fine... more proof that she has been and is a liberal plant in the GOP.  May the State of Wyoming cashier her as soon as possible.

    • As I recall, lizzie's daddy "Dick", wasn't such a "nice guy" either; while  he worked for "Dubya", he had his own "hit list" that included names of political troublemakers who had a strange habit of dying in "freak" plane crashes!!  A Senator named Wellstone was one of them.

  • The she devil piglosi and the corrupt IA's were to blame why have this false witch hunt they should all go back to hell where they came from.

  • This traitor to her party and country won't have a job long. Bye Bye  crazy Rhino Liz in 2022. Find something else to do with you cabal, elite Rhino freiends.

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