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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi abruptly shut down a reporter Thursday after being asked about GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham’s threat to call in FBI agents to testify about who planned the Capitol riot last month if Democrats call witnesses in former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

“Your question is a waste of time,” Pelosi told the reporter during her weekly news briefing on Capitol Hill.

Another reporter quickly shouted a question to her as she walked away about whether House Democrats were setting a precedent by aiming to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) of her committee assignments over her embrace of QAnon.

“If any of our members threatened the safety of other members, we’d be the first ones to take them off of committee. That’s it. Thank you,” Pelosi said.

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  • The House already asked Trump to testify under oath and declined rightfully so. The deep state wants to fabricate lies so that they can nail him for that, too. It is good that Trump refuses to testify under oath all the time. His strategy is amazing and well thought out. But none of it matters anyway, because enough Republicans will acquit it him no matter what. They already decided that even before the sham trial is starting.

    • I don't believe the House asked Trump to testify.  They put this nonsense together too fast (within 1 week) to have gotten any testimony from anyone. 


    • the house did not even give him his due process rights hence an illegal  impeachment or any other trial

    • Richard, it won't matter. Enough Republicans will vote to acquit Trump no matter the argument or evidence. Have faith. 

    • I never count the winnings until the ponies nose crosses the line.

      The rigged swamp has proved it will nakedly violate anything for motive.

  • Judging from Pelosi, I would think the Catholoci church teaches people to lie.  Of course I have quite a few Catholoci friends so I know that is not true.  The person who threatens the safety of the COUNTRY is Pelosi and all the rest of the lying Democrats!

    • The word is spelled CATHOLIC. And Peelousy is NOT Catholic by any stretch of her feeble mind.


    • Neither is Briben Joe Biden and family !

    • That's obvious and has been for many years.


  • Must have been tipping the bottle when her members were calling for the abuse of President Trump. What about the spy guy Swillwell? Does she believe we are all deaf?

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