• Just remember when they come up for re-election. VOTE EM OUT.   Then the real winners:



    De Blasio





    and on and on w/the blue state governors and mayors .  WE HAVE TO VOTE THEM OUT.  

    • Elections are like pulling the arm on a slot machine in vegas... they are rigged only to pay out for the house.... the Political Parties.  Lead Slugs may be the only way to beat the House... If they want to play with a loaded slot machine, we can respond with lead slugs.

    • I agree with you. That's why Trump should just cancel the rigged elections and declare himself the victor. We all know that he wins in a landslide if the elections are fair.

  • This fraud is a hypocrite....double talking POS.  Time for a protest in front of her mansion and let's paint the street.  Just like the rest of the dem/progressive/socialists........they have no values, no respect, no character. As long as she has her power and benefits......that's all that matters.  Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Nadler, Schiff are self serving hacks that need to be dumped.......along with the fascist pigs Tlaib, Omar and Cortez who are tools of the Soros, globalist, hate America tribe that only exist to tear the nation down.  Do not erect any statues of Obama, because they will not stand for long.


    • I am with you Rich


  • she needs to go to an island all by herself and see how she will react.

  • Very intelligent answer.


  • Good to know Nancy. Remember that when we normal people have had enough.

  • Maybe the people need to remodel Pelosi's home... may I suggest Gehto motif, with an ember flame for her floors... People will do what people do... so tell that to the next victim of a criminal assault.

  • Drop Dead you Evil,Lying Crunt!

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