Pelosi, Sham Jan 6th Committee Being Sued


Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is suing the January 6 congressional committee in response to their imminent move to hold him in criminal contempt.

Meadows filed legal action against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of the committee on Tuesday in response to being subpoenaed, Fox News has confirmed, as they attempt to investigate the January 6 Capitol Hill protest that turned violent and has led to criminal charges against dozens of Trump supporters.

"For months, Mr. Meadows has consistently sought in good faith to pursue an accommodation with the Select Committee whereby it could obtain relevant, non-privileged information," the complaint states. "While the Committee and Mr. Meadows engaged over a period of time in an effort to achieve such reasonable accommodation, the Select Committee adamantly refused to recognize the immunity of present and former senior White House aides from being compelled to appear before Congress and likewise refused to recognize a former president’s claims of Executive Privilege and instructions to Mr. Meadows to maintain such privilege claims in addressing the Select Committee’s inquiries."

The complaint continued, "The current President of the United States, through counsel, purported to waive the former president’s claims of privilege and immunity. As a result, Mr. Meadows, a witness, has been put in the untenable position of choosing between conflicting privilege claims that are of constitutional origin and dimension and having to either risk enforcement of the subpoena issued to him, not merely by the House of Representatives, but through actions by the Executive and Judicial Branches, or, alternatively, unilaterally abandoning the former president’s claims of privileges and immunities. Thus, Mr. Meadows turns to the courts to say what the law is."


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  • How about ALLhung for their Reichstag fire. They are Communisys and are installing a totalitarian regime on us. DENY WILLING CONSENT!!!


    • Phil, I agree, and I WILL NOT COMPLY with tyranny.  I am old and disabled but will resist with everything I have!!!!!!!!!!  While conservatives are being held as political prisoners the true insurrectionists, devildemocommiecrat operatives john sullivan and ray epps run loose!!!!!!!!!  The satanic regime is trying to destroy America and reestablish it as a puppet state of the new world order socialist party with the help of the just as evil deep state gop establishment led by mcconnell and mccarthy!!!!!


  • The DemonRats are notorious for blaming the opposition for the activities the Dims have committed. They're a JOKE, these people don't work for us, they're evil and need to be removed from office. With that said, the people PATRIOTS they are holding as political prisoners in DC jails need to be released, reserve those cells for Pelosi, Biden, Obummer, Soros, Nadler, Bowser, Schumer, Schiff, Omar, AOC, McConnell, Cheney...need I continue, the list is LONG. 

    • Legion for sure.


  • I would say good for Mark Meadows: but since we know how far that will go all I can say is good try.  Too bad we can't sue the entire January 6 committee! But not in Washington D.C. 

    • We're screwed big time

  • They should sue Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrats for all it worth and I will go on to say all of the Democratic people in congress need to be in jail including Obama Joe Biden kamala Harris they all need to be in jail for life.

  • Pelosi is so corrupt I don't know how she can even stand herself

    • personal wealth and power are her "gods" and she feels entitled to both!!!!!


  • roll in the 5G

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