• It is not her right.  If that was the case she could unseat every republican in the house.  How damn stupid can one be.  


  • Princess Nan proclaims her supremacy.

    Would you expect anything different?

  • Wake up Republicans time to get our country back from this socialist idiots 

  • So.... is it Barry the half African, or Pelosi that we are expected to bow to? There seems to be a whole lot of chiefs in this overthrow. There always has to be a top dog(sorry dogs). It has been my expectation that Pelosi was the main contributor. But Barry has been running a shadow government. The rest are mere pawns and mouthpieces. Who is the biggest player? It’s not that this Pelosi scum has a lot of nerve, she’s got no opposition.

  • There is only the rule of democrats no one matters or has the right to overrule this dictatorship's decisions.

  • The Democrats will do as they damn well please. They JUST overthrew our country per Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of then Constitution.  Next election my ass people.Don't be so stupid! They're installing a Totalitarian regime on us as we speak!

  • No Pelosi, you are not allowed to use rules that Stalin and Mao used.  This is a Democratic Republic, you are just one of the elected officials in it.  We, the People pay your salary, put you in office, and we can take you out.  It is time for you to go.  You do not have the power to fire congressional representatives whose state sent to represent them in Congress.  Time for you to go back to sweeping the streets of SF.

  • Where does this woman get her ideas? She is a sick dog. (She ain't no puppy that's for sure!!)

  • Her many Botox treatments are getting to her. She better check our Constitution or consult with the Supreme court if they remember why they are there,

  • Article 25 her ample butt. Needs her brain removed from her bottom & a soul transplant instead of Botox. 

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