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  • those who cant do it....teach it !

  • I watched the video and couldn't imagine anyone being this stupid or blind or drunk or all of the above.  Then whoever came to get her, guided her to her destination, but what about the vehicles on each side of this dingbat's car that would not be able to get out of their parking spaces.  Did someone eventually move the car?  Stupid is as stupid does!

    • Besides she is in her 80's from what I heard.  I think she needs to take a cognitive test before even being considered.


  • Most likely  drunk  of her ass if she a Pelosi  friend. 

  • She's 84 years old! Yank her license!

    • Agreed!


  • Pelosi’s Top Pick For Chair of Transportation Com Repeatedly Crashes Her Car Into Parked Vehicle. Well... they want to get rid of all personal transportation and this person is making their dream a reality... just one car at a time though!  LOL...   

  • This level of ineptitude combined with willfull I don't give a fuckery is par for the course for the dems.

  • The laws and policies were always only fo rus and never for them

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