•  Get your act together, Mr. President, if you want a country to govern you need to defend it now... there may not be a tomorrow.

  • We can no longer allow nor should we accept Organized Communist Revolutionists to be called Proesters. Trying to overthrow our country makes them and their supporters DOMESTIC ENEMIES. Those with power who are helping them are both,Traitors and Domestic Enemies.  So...........WE'RE ON OUR OWN!!!

    • The left is engaged in full-scale insurrection and civil war... while Pres. Trump and company fiddle... Rome is aflame, the left is to blame and Pres. Trump is debating on what should be done...  How about enforcing the Law... and if local government will not ... then it falls to the federal government to act.  Get you act together Mr. President if you want a country to govern you need to defend it now.

  • antifa rioters attacking blm follower . how will liberals interpret this ? how soon until a liberal civil war breaks our

    • they will say it is a good thing.

  • The left has no friends, no loyalty to the individual... it is all about the collective and its leadership.  The death or injury of one of its own serves the macabre nature of their ideology... which calls on reform through violent revolution and the culture of chaos. 

    The general public needs to understand this sort of event... is the natural order where ever Antifa is permitted to dominate the culture and government.  We must declare them a Domestic Terrorist Organization; ferret out, isolate, and indict its leadership and financiers... whoever they may be... There can be no quarter given to Antifa or BLM.

    • Amen-Amein Brother in Christ-Messiah Jesus-Yeshua Ronald!!

    • the friend that the left has is the Devil himself.

    • Jeff:  You NAILED IT!

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