• Nothing new there. The Catholic Church from its inception has fully endorsed the annihilation of millions of Non Believers, and Supported/Assisted the establishment/escape of the Nazi Regime, and "Buying your way to Heaven."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • You mean Italy don't  want her either? 

  • Why would any church of God entertain listening to this apostate whore. 

    • MONEY!


    • I look @ it a little different. We are all sinners. I think everyone that shows respects while in our church, should be welcome, but I don't want them to have ANY control of it in ANY way!

    • Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 

  • how can anyone who supports the butchering of unborn babies be allowed to attend mass in peace. let her go to a casino and spend some of that money that she got from planned parenthood

  • How dare the pope stoops to give her a personal audience. He chastised her by calling on Catholics to fast and pray she would have a change of heart. What good that will do is beyond me. What good will that do for the millions of aborted babies? So why give her 10 minutes of his time. That would seem to boost her belief that she is a valuable person. He’s a joke too. I’ve got a feeling he’s got some explaining to do .

    • Francis is another "politician" (of a different sort), but he tells his  audience (the current one in attendance) what he believes they want to hear.  IMHO, he  is NOT "leading" the Catholic Church, he is ever so gradually destroying it.

    • He is promoting "Humanism" 

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