• There is a front row seat in Hell for her !

  • How dare she show up in a church and insult the Lord in yet another way by reading scripture to anyone. That is a dead church to allow this.

  • "The importance of listening" - - yet commie pelosi does NOT listen, she only rants on and on and on; sadly, she and this illigitamate  Pope think and act in the very same manner and neither one "listens" to anyone but themselves.

  • Something to contemplate without judgement if capable. "During the Old Roman Times, a young woman was running terrified down the alley ways with an angry crowd chasing behind. Finally cornered, she cowered as the crowd was about to " Stone Her To Death!" A long haired hippy dude stood between the woman and the people saying,"Let the First among you without Sin cast the First Stone!" A moment later an older woman in back picked up a brick and threw it right at the girl, smacking her right in the forehead, knocking her to her knees! The long haired hippy dude looks out over the crowd and says, "Ya know Mom, sometimes you really piss me off!" Some will now think "Sacrilegious!" Others will find humor and still others could care less. The point, when thought out, being Mob Rule, otherwise known as Democracy. We have a Republic founded on Laws. All are subject the same under the same Laws in a Perfect Republic. In Our Perfect Republic, it can only remain so as long as the Citizens Remain the Rulers over All the Governments. Yet for far too long we lapsed into false security believing that once Our Voting was Completed, Our Job was over. Our diligence over our hirelings is continuous and demanded as the Right of Citizenship.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Why would the Pope even give her the time of day? She's a CINO. She is pure evil. Her abortion stance goes against all Catholic teachings. AND, who in the hell paid for her trip to Rome? Well we all know it's us taxpayers that are paying for her jet travel and all associated expenses. Wanna bet her hubby taged along  as well as her staff. Has she explained WHY she flew to meet the Pope? She's probably scared shitless that she knows she's headed to hell and is trying to explain her way out of killing the unborn. Really, the Pope is really a dummy and is probably looking for attention and getting back at U.S. Bishops that are chastizing her abortion stance. 

    • Why would the Pope give her the time of day? Because he is an "illigitimate" Pope, and communist just like her and they are BOTH going to hell - - -probably together.  Since the death of Pope Pius XII, in 1958, there have been ONLY two legitimate Popes - -St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI!  Do the research, starting with the very first Papal selection, after Pius XII's death and that Pope's immediate resignation - - a long, ugly, twisted narrative.

    • Why would the Pope give her the time of the day?  Follow the money!!!!


  • Regardless of the catholic church,  these demonic entities have been controling humanity and shaping our history though the ages. They conduct planning meetings at the B Grove on a yearly basis I believe.

  • R.S., I partially agree with you but differ slightly. The world is watching the activity of demons but not realizing because the world now no longer recognizes Spirit. My different interpretation is that I believe demons are working through people rather than embodied in them. Maybe this is splitting hairs? And for the record there’s more than a few folk who might qualify as being possessed rather than being yielded to any specific demon. Take a look into Schumer’s eyes and tell me what you see! Pelosi..... straight up spirit of Jezebel, with an army of Jezebel minions. Anyway, there’s tremendous demonic activity in the earth today, more than we have ever known.

  • The more I witness all the evil that is running rampant in the world today, The more and more I am convinced that there is a multitude of demons, who are personified as people running the geopolitical and Christian world today... at one point in the discernment of spirits I felt that it was only two or three leaders, however, as things continue on the demons are becoming bolder and revealing themselves more openly.  Pelosi, The Pope, some of the liberal theology protestant leaders as well.  (Yes, Johnny there are demons and devils in an overwhelming unseen world surrounding us).  

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