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  • "If the Democrats lose the press, what happens?"

    Adm. Dee, since the MSM is on the Chinese leash, shouldn't we wonder about what happens

    to Schmoe and the Dems if they lose the ChiComs?

    But we really know anyway. 

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  • Nancy Pelosi is the quintessential lliberal, Democrat POS.  She doesn't givetwo hoots in hell abot our nation or our citizens.  She cares about power, real or perceived, power is her goal.  All I wishfor this thing is a painful demise very soon ....

  • I look at this picture of all the evil ones and want to vomit!  Is this what our government is all about?  We the taxpayers refuse to revolt as all they do is whine and scream and threaten.  None of the criminals ones ever get punished, look at Maxine Waters  - a crook of the first caliber but she is still there!  Thank you Nancy!

    • Without committed leadership capable of motivating and mustering crowds the MOB will do very little on its own... it takes sound leadership and the charisma of those in power too mobilize masses in the numbers we need to throw off the current Coup that just took place... The people feel abandoned and question the wisdom of assembling if men like McConnell and the leadership of the GOP are not going to join in the effort... they rightly believe they have been abandoned by the Party they have supported for decades...  Others are concerned over reparations and follow on recrimination by the incoming tyrants and with good cause... they mean and do what they say... unlike lock her up Trump and drain the swamp GOP... not happening ever... and yes I am pissed over those and other broken promises... I am not a sycophant of anyone's ... I expect people to keep their word or explain why they could not.

    • "Without committed leadership capable of motivating and mustering crowds the MOB will do very little on its own"

      Interesting. I listened to a commentator relaying how our current sluggishness is due to a movement being all about a man instead of all about the movements core values, that the man then prosecutes. This very cry for a strong man to come and relieve the people of their sufferings was made in 1920's Germany. You know who heard the call. Had the German Nation resolved to tell the League of Nations to blow chunks with its Articles of Appeasement, a very different outcome could have been realized.

    • The same call was given to George Washington and again to Abraham Lincoln and now to Donald Trump...  the clarion call to rally the people, in defense of our nation.  No movement of national importance ever succeeds without a primary leader... one capable of mustering the People in mass... Hitler and like-minded autocrats and dictators certainly prove the point... However, we don't look for The Donald to become such a despot... and if he did America would soon abandon him.

    • You and I know what really needs to be done to halt the march to socialism by our elected congress and missguided citizens. The question is "Do we have the balls to do it!" or have we been made to complacent ?

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