• The communists are just trying to run out the clock until the election. TRUMP 2020

    • isn't that the truth


  • Because,GUILTY!!!

  • Pelosi won't matter. Trump put the landslide victory in the bag with an amazing performance at the debate today. He made a strong case for his great record and for another term. I'm in awe. 

  • The National Televised Debate was biased... the questions and topics were premised on Pres. Trump's policies being defective or needing justification.  The bias was so thick that one could cut it with a knife.  However, Pres, Trump performed very well and Joe Biden displayed some serious mental gaffs and memory problems.  Biden was rarely challenged by the moderator, unlike President Trump, who was constantly questioned by the monitor. 

    Not one question was put to Joe Biden about the financial corruption and apparent 'pay to play' schemes of the Biden Family.  Albeit, Pres. Trump was pressed to explain his alleged income tax issues, even after he explained the reason for his not releasing the taxes.  The President stated he pre-paid his taxes to the tune of 10's of millions...likely the result of income averaging or some other complex method of calculating one's tax liability.

    The moderator failed to ask about Pres. Trump's successful peace negotiations between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel... She ignored his successful move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and his defeat of ISIS. No mention of the President's major drawdown of US Forces in Iraq or the peace negotiations in Afghanistan.  Instead, she focused on N. Korea, with whom no other President had managed to engage in multilateral peace negotiations and a nuclear disarmament agreement.  She completely failed to question the President about his Trade agreements or his successful negotiation with NATO's member states, resulting in major financial contributions to the defense pack.  The moderator seemed to ignore a whole host of successful Trump administration foreign policy and trade initiatives. 

    Many of the questions were framed with a liberal bias and couched with false premises to make the President look bad, even before he could respond to the question. The moderator skipped past Trump's questions on the firing of the Ukrainian chief prosecutor.  She ignored the 1.5 Billion deal with China and the money given to Biden by the Russian Mayors wife... why?  Not one hardball question on Biden's financial links to foreign powers and how he managed to become so wealthy on his government salary alone. 

    The Moderator and the debate were clearly designed to make the President look bad...  However, the President did well and I believe won the debate.

    • I totally agree with you that's the reason why I did not hear the whole Debate I just hear what Donald Trump was saying that's it. From the beginning the moderator did not introduce the President the right way so I tune her off.


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