• The Abomination group BLM and ANTIFA are Domestic Terrorists, and the Abomination DemoncRATS and the Abomination George Soros is funding them!!

    • I have to wonder if this photo is for real, or has been photoshopped!

      Is Vos really part of Antifa? Does anybody know for sure?

      I had wondered if the hag was involved in planning the Capital attack. Wouldn't be surprised!

    • There were Tea Party member that were at the Capital that said it didn't happen. They was a video that was taken down that showed how they staged the whole thing in a studio. Paid actors and fake blood. Did you actually see a funeral service for the woman that was shot?

  • We the people need to work on getting rid of anybody who does not support Trump and what he stands for totally. It's as simple as that. 

  • Projection is the nature and lying is the language of the Left. Once again,Nancy is admitting her guilt!!!

  • Pelosi looking in the mirror. 

    • "Pelosi looking in the mirror."

      But is it as cracked as she is?


  • She's right, the enemy is in the House - and the Sernate too, also the White House. 

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