Pelosi Is Reportedly Labeling Trump Actions as Treason

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  • POS

  • These people are insane. Once again, accusing Trump of the act they committed themselves. These politicians (who just stole a presidential election) should be arrested, tried and hanged for Treason.

    • diane, it is called projection, they project their own evil deeds on others then accuse the innocent of being what they themselves are, TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Diane, AMENĀ  AMENĀ  AMENĀ  AMENĀ  AMEN!!!!!

    • %100 agree!!


  • Liquid SteelĀ The False flag is actually that DC police escorted the Brown shirts of the Dem Party into town ( Video going around yesterday)
    Next: The question that brought me here was :Ā 

    Again I ask: Have these people lost their damn minds? Where is this coming from? Is the the talk of a party that just won an election????
    Trump still has at least one option. They are dieing to get him out before he uses it. He could also de-classify EVERYTHING, exsposing them and all their secerts like How the CIA killed Kennedy and MLK.Don't forget, The State of Texas sued the Government over one of these murders and won.Ā 


    Ashli Babbit ALIVE and WELL The FALSE FLAG Shooting
    You have been PLAYED. Chalk one more for the DeepState. Sheeple will still believe whatever they are told. In this Slowed Down and Stop Motion video…
  • Trump must Pardon himself and ALL (the Nation!) ..whoever shook his hand and/or voted for him.

    The Commies are coming.

    • Yes, he must pardon himself although he didn't do anything wrong but the deep state will come after him on trumped up charges. Trump needs to make himself above the corrupt law the deep state wanst to apply against him.

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