Pelosi Is Reportedly Labeling Trump Actions as Treason

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  • I tell you who is the treasonous snake. Nancy pelosi and her complement of swamp creatures. Watch out Nancy. We will remember your crimes to humanity and the people of the USA.

    • God will remember them too!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trump awakened the usually complacent Americans who had been content to just go along with whatever was happening in DC. This is no longer the case. We are paying attention like never before. Trump exposed these fools for the crooks and frauds we had always known them to be but at a much greater scale. The Sleeping Giant has awakened and man is he pissed! Their power grab will result in ever more resistance and possibly civil war. We aren't going to take it anymore. These fraudulent leaders will not succeed in selling out us or our Country. 

    • You are right, Diane. Trump made America great again and we the people are involved now and support him no matter what. Trump is also honest enough to tell us and the world that the US is a sham of a failed country, in which you can't trust much besides Trump himself. We certainly can't trust the elections, the courts, law enforcement (FBI, CIA), government agencies and departments like the DOJ, CDC, FDA,.... If it wasn't for Trump, none of us would know how the deep state destroyed our formerly great nation. Today it is a banana republic. So, I totally agree with you. 

  • To this end the entrenched crooks that have been pilfering the Nations Treasury for years and will now continue.Selling us further indebt that our great children will never be able topay off. They label Trump treasonous while they move to further enslave our freedoms.They will not stop at their election overthrough and will continue a push towards total distruction of the common citizen. I was of the opinion that WE the People were allowed to address our grievences when the Government no longer listens to the people. Was it not exposed the protection of bus loads of antifa agitators were allowed into the Capitol area under police protection? Who knows who the real agressors were affiliated with antifa, militants and others. Yes once again Trump was cautioned that the overlords of the Washington power cartells would crush him and they continue to today. In my mind he will always be a fighter for the people and I will always consider him great. Pelosi is an disgrace.

  • nutty nan suffers from botox poisoning, further damaging an already demented and evil mind!!!!!!!!!!

  • What is treasonest is that wrinkled old hag from san francisco!

  • Another sick political move by the Democrat swamp dwellers to try and criminalize Trump knowing he will be back in 2024.  Don't be surprised if Daddy Dear names Hunter to head the FBI.


    • NO such thing as treason against the swamp.  The SWAMP IS the very defination of TREASON!!!


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